Oklahoma's Best Stearman Flight Training


Oklahoma's First and Best Stearman Flight Training.

Experience Authentic World War II Flight Training in a Stearman Biplane from Oklahoma's most experienced instructor! During World War II thousands of aviation Cadets began their primary flight training at military bases all across the U.S. in the Stearman biplane. Rigorous standards were established in an effort to train American airmen to become the finest military aviators in the world. The concept of World War II Primary Flight Training's program is to provide an opportunity for individuals to experience the same challenges and training while developing strong stick and rudder skills which takes airmanship to a higher level.

Our World War II Primary Flight Training curriculum is designed for the novice beginner who may want to log their first few flight hours in a vintage WWII Stearman primary trainer or the experienced professional pilot looking to add a tailwheel endorsement or perform basic aerobatics. The focus will be having fun while developing skills with an experienced professional instructor pilot.

Pilots may choose to receive their training in the Stearman, Piper J3 Cub or a combination of both.

Experience a step back in time and bring American history to life in honor of all those who wore the uniform, sacrificed and served in our great nation’s military. We will never forget!


  • Gale Osgood
    Kevin, I wanted to follow up with you and again say thank you for such a great training experience.  The Stearman is elegant, beautiful, and so well maintained, it was a pleasure and honor to fly it. The training however is the reason I’ll come back and fly with you more. I appreciate your knowledge and sincere desire to teach. I can tell you love to fly and you have a gift for instruction.  You run a first class operation and I shall see you again.
    Gale Osgood
  • Lori Walderich
    I can't say enough about Kevin Conner's WW2 Flight Training Program. I took the complete Stearman course – from start to finish. Kevin's attention to authenticity, safety and fun made learning to fly the Stearman a real pleasure. We addressed all the safety features, did a lot of maneuvers and I was able to master three-point landings in the grass. Toward the end of the program, I put on a parachute (first time for me!) and we did a series of basic acrobatic maneuvers. This program is life-changing and worth every penny.
    Lori Walderich
  • Peter Murphy, Captain, USN Retired
    What a pleasant experience it was learning to fly the J3 Cub and receiving my tailwheel endorsement from World War II Primary Flight Training. Kevin Conner is an exceptional instructor. We visited three airfields: two grass and one asphalt while practicing three-point and wheel landings. Kevin's instructional techniques, both on the ground and during flight, were perfectly suited to my needs. Flying the Piper J3 was a blast as well. If you want to learn to fly tailwheel aircraft, I suggest you call WW2 Flight Training.
    Peter Murphy, Captain, USN Retired
  • Tom Wu
    Kevin is a great instructor. His instruction is precise and on point. And he provides great service to make you comfortable on the ground and give you confidence in the air. The best tailwheel training across the nation. If you need great tailwheel training, you need to call Kevin.
    Tom Wu